RSN's 12th Annual Essay Contest Winners!!!

THIS YEAR'S THEME: "Explain a choice you've made to improve your health and how it could benefit others"

1st Place - "Help! I'm a Blowfish" by Angelique Barber

2nd Place - "D.R.I.N.K." by Arthur DeBose

3rd Place  - "Choose Acceptance" by Riley Pummill

Honorable Mention - "Temporarily Speaking" by Sandra Kisselback

Honorable Mention - "A Positive Attitude" by Sarah Tompkins


“People who live successfully with a chronic illness like kidney disease know firsthand the importance of having an innovative perspective not only toward their illness, but also toward life in general. There is an abundance of talent within the renal patient community, and the RSN Essay Contest provides people who have CKD with a forum where they can share their experiences, strength, and hope, as well as inspire others."
                                  - Lori Hartwell, RSN President and Founder

2014 Contest Rules

Commemorative Essay Book

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