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As a kidney patient founded and operated non-profit organization, one of RSN’s key initiatives is to provide a patients perspective on the care they receive to the renal healthcare community. Our editorial contributors include people who are living successfully in spite of kidney disease, who may also be on dialysis or have received a kidney transplant and their families. In addition, RSN receives editorial contributions from leaders in the renal healthcare community that offer learning opportunities from their own experience and insights into treatment advances.

Communication Tools

Communication Prescription
communication prescription-educational videos for healthcare professionals - kidney disease - lori hartwell

A video series for healthcare professionals produced by Lori Hartwell to demonstrate how to better understand and communicate with people who need dialysis.

RSN Flyers
kidney disease information for support group

A collection of downloadable documents to share with your dialysis unit, support group or anyone that might benefit from the information.

16th Annual Essay Contest

Download and share the 16th Annual Essay Contest flyer with your patients. It’s an outstanding opportunity for people who have chronic kidney disease (CKD), including people on dialysis and kidney transplant recipients, to make a valuable contribution to society by expressing their ideas, views, and most importantly, hope.

Health Library Articles for Healthcare Professionals

What My Patients Have Taught Me About Thriving

One of my great joys as a physician has been learning from my patients. Patients with kidney disease face varied and unique challenges; some...

14 Ways to Win the Waiting Game

Improving and enhancing human lives is the main mission of social workers, and waiting is a reality of life. But the reality is, waiting...
Opioids and kidney disease

Kidney Disease Can be a Real Pain

Pain is a common and complex problem in people living with chronic kidney disease. The risks and benefits of treating pain itself need to...
Trust: A Healthcare Essential

Trust: A Healthcare Essential

As a nurse starts an IV on me, l will conduct a quick and instinctual “trust assessment” based on the healthcare professional’s verbal and...
Free Nurse's Week Greeting cards

Celebrate Nurses Week May 6-12

Celebrate Nurses Week May 6-12 with eight free Nurse's Week Greeting Cards National Nurses Week is May 6 - 12. Express your feelings with our...

KidneyTalk Podcast Shows for Healthcare Professionals

Marijuana Use & Organ Transplants

The big debate over marijuana and organ transplantation is cropping up across the country as cannabis use gains mainstream acceptance, medically and recreationally. How...
Kidney Transplantation-The Patient's Guide

Kidney Transplantation: The Patient’s Guide

Jacki Harris, RN, MSN, CCTC has worked as an RN and a kidney transplant coordinator and nurse for many years. She is now a liver...
Fabry Disease - research - kdineytalk -kidney talk

What Researchers Are Learning about Fabry Disease

Fabry disease is an uncommon illness that can cause kidney failure. It is a genetic disease, and it affects men and women differently. Although...
KidneyTalk - KidneyWorks - Chronic Kidney Disease and Employment

KidneyWorks™ A Job Retention Program for People with Chronic Kidney Disease

Lori talks to Paul Conway, AAKP President and Richard Knight, AAKP VP Chair of public policy about KidneyWorks™. They share insight on how they...
Breakthroughs in Antibody Desensitization Therapy - DR. STANLEY C. JORDAN, MD - KIDNEY TRANSPLANT - KidneyTalk - Kidney Talk

Breakthroughs in Antibody Desensitization Therapy

Stanley C. Jordan, MD's research to reduce organ rejection, breakthroughs in antibody desensitization therapy and other advances in kidney transplantation. What are antibodies? How do...