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As a kidney patient founded and operated non-profit organization, one of RSN’s key initiatives is to provide a patients perspective on the care they receive to the renal healthcare community. Our editorial contributors include people who are living successfully in spite of kidney disease, who may also be on dialysis or have received a kidney transplant and their families. In addition, RSN receives editorial contributions from leaders in the renal healthcare community that offer learning opportunities from their own experience and insights into treatment advances.

Communication Tools

Read: Clinical Journal Patient Perspectives

A collection of patient perspective articles written for clinical journals by Lori Hartwell and other RSN members.

RSN Flyers
kidney disease information for support group

A collection of downloadable documents to share with your dialysis unit, support group or anyone that might benefit from the information.

Communication Prescription
communication prescription-educational videos for healthcare professionals - kidney disease - lori hartwell

A video series for healthcare professionals produced by Lori Hartwell to demonstrate how to better understand and communicate with people who need dialysis.

Annual Essay Contest

The Annual Essay Contest is an outstanding opportunity for people who have chronic kidney disease (CKD), including people on dialysis and kidney transplant recipients, to make a valuable contribution to society by expressing their ideas, views, and most importantly, hope.

Health Library Articles for Healthcare Professionals

Seeds of Hope: How the Renal Support Network Came to Fruition 30 Years Ago

Renal Support Network started as a seed that began to grow in the brain of a very ill little 2-year-old. Her name was Lori....

Medicare Advantage Pros and Cons What You Need to Know

Over the past 50 years, the Medicare payment system has evolved, and people who have chronic kidney disease have a real stake in understanding...

World Social Worker’s Day

World Social Worker’s Day is celebrated annually on the third Tuesday of March. This special day recognizes the dedication and caring of all social...

Nurse Judy, 19th Annual Essay Contest

Nurse Judy loves me and my mom, but we are not related to her. We did not know her until my kidney problem became...

The Day My Life Got Interesting, 19th Annual Essay Contest

“Is your blood pressure always this high?” asked Dr. Craven. Every day since turning 35, headaches followed me to bed. There was no need for...

KidneyTalk Podcast Shows for Healthcare Professionals

Clinical Quality – How CMS Measures Quality Care for People on Dialysis

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) implements quality initiatives for Medicare beneficiaries on dialysis. CMS uses these measures to see how the dialysis...

Beyond the Scratch: Exploring Pruritus

People who have kidney disease often complain about itching. This can be a medical condition called Pruritus. Some people have a such a severe...

Living Donor Circle of Excellence

Deciding to be a living kidney donor comes with considerations like job stability and earning a paycheck, yet they shouldn’t be obstacles. Dr. John...

Life as a Home Dialysis Nurse

Home dialysis nurses educate their patients about how to safely do their treatments at home and overcome the barriers and fears associated with taking...

Life as a Dialysis Social Worker

Dialysis social workers are the lifeline to those dealing with the emotional, financial, and transportation demands of kidney disease. Anna Rutherford, MSW, is Senior...