Relax with Ambient Sounds

We know kidney disease is accompanied by anxiety. From sitting in a dialysis chair for many hours, waiting for a test result or when you just feel overwhelmed. Let your mind and body relax while listing to the comforting sounds. Choose a soothing rainfall, a peaceful forest stream, rainforest birds or calming instrumentals, then close your eyes and let your stress and anxiety fade away.


Credits: Freesound.org/straget, Compilation & Editing by Ian Rees

Nature Streams

Credits: Freesound.org/Garuda1982, Freesound.org/aldeainvisible, Freesound.org/aldeainvisible, Freesound.org/Motion S, Freesound.org/klankbeeld, Freesound.org/juskiddink, Compilation & Editing by Ian Rees

Rainforest Birds

Credits: Freesound.org/Craftcrest, Compilation & Editing by Ian Rees

Ambient Instrumentals

Credits: Composed by Ian Rees

Web ID Music01

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