Winners of the 6th Annual Essay Contest

THEME: “Funding a Dream:  Giving Back”

Get a Mentor – 1st Place Winner, 6th Annual Essay Contest

First, let me introduce myself. I was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) in the summer of 1999, and typically for me, I...
Lobbying for Kidney Care

Lobbying for Kidney Care – 2nd Place Winner, 6th Annual Essay Contest

There it is. A check for $100,000, from out of nowhere, sitting in my mailbox. Only one caveat: Do something good with it for other kidney...
The Portable Kidney

The Portable Kidney – 3rd Place Winner, 6th Annual Essay Contest

If I found a check in my mailbox for $100,000 I would be very surprised and happy. My first thoughts, after the initial shock, would...

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Keep Smilin’ – Honorable Mention 15th Annual Essay Contest

Dear Positivity, I have a confession to make to you Positivity: I want to be you. People always said I was you, because I would flash...