Renal Support Network (RSN) is here to empower people who have been diagnosed with kidney disease. Is that you?  We know it sucks, we have all been there. We know one thing for sure is if you become knowledgeable about your illness, proactive in your care you will soon see there is lots of hope!  Heck, some of us have lived with this illness for 50 plus years and doing great. Click here to read our Survivor Stories

Connecting with people who have already gone down this path is crucial to survivorship. We will tell you what to ask, what to expect and how to deal with lifestyle changes. You will even make a few friends if you hang out with us. We can help you manage all the uncertainties and emotions. If you would like to be part of our kidney kin community, click here to join an online support group.

We have lots of information, so take a few minutes to look around. Here are some highlights.

Holiday Gift Ideas for People who have Kidney Disease The holidays are coming, when those of us who exchange gifts typically do so. Are you wondering what to give to a person dealing with kidney disease? Are you a patient being asked what you want or might like? Here are some gift ideas.

RSN’s “You Make a Difference” Collection Say “Thank You” to your favorite healthcare professional, caregiver, or friend. Let them know how grateful you are for all the times that they’ve provided you with loving care, support and hope. Each lapel pin comes with a mini greeting card and matching quote. Black Friday Special for your favorite Caregiver or Healthcare Pro. For a limited time, buy one lapel pin and get one for free!

Tis the season to be Jelly! RSN’s kidney jelly bean stocking stuffers are available in bulk orders of 12 for a $50 donation.

When people are seeking a kidney transplant, it can be difficult to find all the information they need to navigate their illness and the transplant process. RSN’s new Tableau dashboard, “Kidney Donations Save Lives,” makes it easier for patients, families, and friends to understand the options.

The user-friendly dashboard presents data about kidney transplants, on both the national and state levels. With an interactive map, people can click on their state to see information about each transplant center. The dashboard shows how many people are active on the waiting list in your geographical area, what type of solid organ donation transplants each center performs, and the number of kidney transplants done by each hospital.

RSN’s 24th Annual Prom is In-Person and Virtual at Giggles Nightclub in Glendale, California! Join us for a live and virtual event at Giggles Nightclub in Glendale California! This year we’re getting together in-person as well as online. For the past 23 years, RSN has hosted an annual prom at no charge to teens who have kidney disease. RSN founder Lori Hartwell was on dialysis from age 14-24 and doesn’t want her peers to miss this special event. One friend can make a difference!

There are no fees to attend, but registration is required by January 7, 2023.

Announcing the Winners of RSN’s 20th Annual Essay Contest! We congratulate our 1ST – 4TH place winners, 2 President’s Picks, and 12 Honorable Mentions who shared their strategies to survive and thrive with this illness.

You are never alone with this illness, we have a number of support group and activities online. We have all been where you are and know the myriad of emotions you are going through. One friend makes a difference! You have to do the work and show up.

Online Exercise Classes – Get your much needed exercise at Kidney Kin Fitness with personal trainer, Edina Tanacs and Be Fit While You Sit with personal trainers, Nicole Simpson and Karen Langevin.

The Fall/Winter 2022 issue’s cover story features Leslie and Nick, a couple to whom donated kidney is worth its weight in diamonds. The issue also includes articles about dialysis accesses, restless leg syndrome, high potassium and your kidneys plus the top winners of the 20th annual essay contest. Read the digital Fall/Winter 2022 issue online today. click here to sign up to get on the mailing list in time for the Fall/Winter 2022 issue.

We know kidney disease is accompanied by anxiety. From sitting in a dialysis chair for many hours, waiting for a test result or when you just feel overwhelmed. Let your mind and body relax while listing to the comforting sounds. Choose a soothing rainfall, a peaceful forest stream, rainforest birds or calming instrumentals, then close your eyes and let your stress and anxiety fade away.

Get the Scoop on Kidney Stuff with Neff & Nuff! RSN shines a light on kidney health, organ donation and the importance of taking your transplant meds in a clever animated video series featuring two animated kidney stars who educate the public about kidney care. Watch all three videos in English or in Spanish.

Podcasts are a great way to learn and all you have to do is tune in when you waiting for the doc, in traffic or want to find a cozy place with your cat on your lap.

Keeping sodium “in check” is the key to controlling your blood pressure and regulating your fluid intake (if you’re on fluid restrictions). But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy food anymore!

Introducing the custom, hand-crafted kidney warrior bronze medallion collection, a perfect gift for a living kidney donor, kidney warrior or kidney care health professional.

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After reading all this you may be hungry so here are some recipes for people who are on dialysis. When you are on dialysis its important monitor phosphorus, potassium and sodium. If you are not on dialysis and want to learn how to slow the progression down and what to eat, click here to learn about preventing kidney disease or slow the progression.


kidney disease support phone line - Hope and help answering all your questions about living well with kidney disease.

Call the HOPEline, a peer support phone line at (800) 579-1970 (toll-free) Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm (Pacific Time). The compassionate and knowledgeable people who answer our Hopeline are living a fulfilling life in spite of kidney disease. They can help you understand and learn how to manage chronic kidney disease, no matter what stage of the disease you are in. Talk to someone who knows what it is like to begin dialysis treatments. Learn the steps necessary to get listed for a kidney transplant or become a donor.