Winners of the 13th Annual Essay Contest

THEME: “How Have You Used Your Experiences to Give Hope to Others with Kidney Disease?”

helping other people evolve - 2015 essay

Helping Other People Evolve – 1st Place Winner, 13th Annual Essay Contest

I don't believe anyone ever wakes up in the morning and thinks to themselves, "Gosh, I hope that someday I come down with Kidney...

Stepping Stones – 2nd Place Winner, 13th Annual Essay Contest

Living is a journey on a series of stepping stones across the stream of life with the first step being birth and the last...

A Stranger’s Voice – 3rd Place Winner, 13th Annual Essay Contest

No one really understands how it feels after being diagnosed with kidney disease until it has happened to them. When people start dialysis, it's...
My pal hope - 2015 essay

My Pal Hope – Honorable Mention, 13th Annual Essay Contest

Hope is my companion. She goes with me everywhere and keeps a watchful eye out, peering at me lovingly with her gentle, wide eyes....

Give Me a Cheer! – Honorable Mention Winner, 13th Annual Essay Contest

Being on dialysis is truly one of the greatest challenges a patient with kidney failure can endure. You must continue to fight for normalcy...
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