Winners of the 18th Annual Essay Contest

Eat Wink & Thrive, 1st Place Winner, 18th Annual Essay contest

Picture it: Auburn, Alabama 2018, in a veterinary student’s mobile home. Five vet students, laptops open, piles of books and notes on the floor...

Happy as a Clam, 2nd Place Winning Essay, 18th Annual Essay Contest

The idiom "as happy as a clam" seems a bit strange to me since a mollusk would not be perceived as having any emotions....

Cooking with a Renal Twist, 3rd Place Winning Essay, 18th Annual Essay Contest

“No, you can’t be serious,“ I uttered, as my doctor informed me of the news. I was officially diagnosed with renal failure. I always had...

Kidney Diet Hero, 4th Place Winning Essay, 18th Annual Essay Contest

I was a southern boy growing up in North Carolina, so food is just a part of my heritage. Every Sunday after church all...

So Long, Mrs. Freshley’s, President’s Pick, 18th Annual Essay Contest

I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) 38 years ago when I was 18. Back then the extent of the instructions regarding my...

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