Hope Week RSN's National Online Patient Meeting

Thank you to all who attended. The presentation videos of the event will be posted here soon.

November 10 – 14, 2020     10:00am-2:00pm PT

RSN’s 27th Annual Patient Education Meeting is now virtual and national!
Join us for five educational and hope-filled days.

For 27 years RSN has presented the Annual Patient Education meeting at no charge to people who have kidney disease and their families. This year the meeting is a national, virtual event and we have expanded to five days. Each day will focus on a specific disease or treatment for kidney disease. Speakers will include healthcare professionals and people who have learned to live and thrive in spite of having kidney disease. Join us!

Topics are subject to change. There are no fees to attend but registration is required. To see the full agenda, click the “Learn More About the Topics” button below each date.

Tuesday, Nov. 10
Focus on Chronic Kidney Disease

Opening Day Entertainment: Carla Ulbrich, The Singing Patient

How to Understand Kidney Stones and What You Can Do to Prevent Them: Gary Curhan, MD

Delaying the Progression of Kidney Disease: Dugan Maddux, MD and Jennifer Finch, MD

The CKD Diet – What to Know Based on New Science: Kam Kalantar, MD

How to Get the Most Out of Your Telehealth Visit: Susie Lew, MD

Interactive Group Game

Wednesday, Nov. 11 
Focus on Dialysis

Tim Atkins’ Inspiring Story

Stop the Itching: Geoffrey Block, MD

The Ins and Out of Home Dialysis: Dinesh Chatoth, MD

How to Get the Most out of Your Doctor Visit: Doug Johnson, MD

Innovations in Dialysis Care: Jonathan Himmelfarb, MD

Interactive Group Game

Thursday, Nov. 12
Focus on Kidney Transplantation

Mandy Trolinger’s Inspiring Journey

Getting Listed for a Kidney What You Need to Do & Know: Ben Hippen, MD

Psychosocial issues of kidney transplant: Mark Meier, Exec. Dir, Face It Foundation

Weight Loss and Kidney Transplant: Lubna Abkany, RD

Advancements in Kidney Transplantation: Rafael Villicana, MD

Interactive Group Game

Friday, Nov. 13
Focus on All Stages of Care

Entertainment by Carla Ulbrich, The Singing Patient

Understanding Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans: Kathy Lester, ESQ

How to Work Through Stress and Anxiety: Mary Beth Callahan, LCSW

Public Policy and Kidney Disease for 2021:  Rob Blaser

Answers to Question You Were Afraid to Ask: Group Discussion with Madeleine Pahl, MD

Saturday, Nov. 14
Focus on Parents of Children Who Have Kidney Disease

Motivational Speaker: RSN Founder and President Lori Hartwell

Preparing Your Child To Transition to Adulthood: Maria Ferris, MD

Top Medical Issues For Youth with Kidney Disease: Elaine Kamil, MD

10 things to help your child adjust to care: Helen Currier, CNN

How To Maintain a Balanced Family Environment Parent Expert Panel:  Moderated by Charlene Lafontant

About the Speakers

Hope Week speakers include healthcare professionals and people who have learned to live and thrive in spite of having kidney disease.

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