Winners of the 11th Annual Essay Contest

THEME: “Provide an example of how you became an active participant in your care.”

Desperate Truth-Seeker

“The Desperate Truth Seeker” – 1st Place Winner, 11th Annual Essay Contest

My greatest fear had suddenly become a chilling reality when tests confirmed that I’d inherited the same kidney disease that took my father’s life...
The Black Binder - Mary Wu

“The Black Binder”- 2nd Place Winner, 11th Annual Essay Contest

Dividers with tabs. Check. Black Sharpie marker. Got it. Hole punch and reinforcements. Ready to be used. Big black binder. Perfect. Crisp and wrinkled medical documents encircled me...
A Trip to the Castle - essay contest

“A Trip to the Castle” – 3rd Place (Tie) Winner, 11th Annual Essay Contest

Once upon a time, there was a maiden named Lizabetta, who lived in the hamlet of Dialysisa in the shire of Healthia with her...
Old-fashioned Self-Discipline-2

“Old-Fashioned Self-Discipline” – 3rd Place (Tie) Winner, 11th Annual Essay Contest

I savored each sip of my Starbucks tall decaf mocha with whipped cream and a mocha drizzle on top. Yet guilt pricked my conscience. “Eliminate...

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Keep Smilin’ – Honorable Mention 15th Annual Essay Contest

Dear Positivity, I have a confession to make to you Positivity: I want to be you. People always said I was you, because I would flash...