RSN is proud to present our Kidney Transplant Dashboard. This tool will help you see at a glance national and state statistics. You can look up how many transplants have been done for any specific time frame. You can see how many people are “active” on the waiting list. And you can locate all of the transplant centers (hospitals) in your region.

Click here for a Transplant Dashboard Glossary and Usage Guide if you need help using the dashboard or understanding the meaning of each set of statistics.

Getting Listed and Preparing for a Kidney

Asking for
a Kidney

a Kidney

Keeping the
New Kidney

Who Pays
for What

Living with a
Kidney Transplant

Innovation in
Kidney Transplantation

Kidney Transplant
Success Stories

RSN’s “Share Your Spare” campaign brings awareness to the public about their kidneys and how to keep them healthy, kidney disease treatment options, deceased organ donation and about the option of living donation.

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