Dialysis Target Weight (Dry Weight) and Fluid Management Explained

Keeping to your “target weight” or ideal “dry weight” will make the most of your hemodialysis treatments and help you feel better. Your target weight is your weight without any extra fluid in your body. If you limit the sodium in your diet and your hemodialysis treatments are working, you should be able to reach your target weight at the end of every home or dialysis center hemodialysis treatment.  (Blood tests can show how well your hemodialysis treatments are working. Once a month, whether you’re on home or dialysis center hemodialysis, your dialysis center will test your blood.)

Extra fluid puts a strain on the heart and circulation. Keeping to your target or dry weight helps control blood pressure, reduce swelling and ease shortness of breath. Here are a few podcasts and articles that explain in more detail target/dry weight or offer tips to keep your liquid intake within your set requirements.

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