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The Chronically Happy Blog is authored by Lori Hartwell and special guest writers. Posts here feature personal stories and first-hand experiences of people living with chronic kidney disease and their families.

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Katherine Soto has been on dialysis for 20 years. She decided early on that she would dialyze to live, not live to dialyze. Katherine’s kidney journey started at the age of 2 with kidney reflux. She experienced many infections and ended up with a urostomy at the age of 12. Katherine shares with RSN what she has learned living...
It was Sunday, January 20th, 2019, and I, a two-time kidney transplanted, 50-year-old woman, was alone at the prom. I was volunteering at the annual event hosted by the Renal Support Network. Its founder, Lori Hartwell, had been on dialysis as a teen, unable to attend her own prom. After four kidney transplants and 13 years of dialysis, her mission...
Young People who have Kidney Disease Sparkle with Joy and Share Their Stories at the Prom Glitter, sequins, and gold and silver trim reflected brightly colored disco lights during the 20th Annual Renal Teen Prom held at the Glendale Hilton, Sunday, January 20, 2019. Renal Support Network’s annual event for young people coping with chronic kidney disease welcomed returning partygoers...
The world lost one of the most active and prolific advocates for people who have kidney disease today. Bill Peckham defined surviving and thriving with CKD. He volunteered his time for many years serving as a board member for Northwest Kidney Centers. Bill was also a long-time friend of RSN’s founder and president Lori Hartwell. He contributed to
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Thriving on Dialysis

Katherine Soto has been on dialysis for 20 years. She decided early on that she would dialyze to live, not live to dialyze. Katherine’s...

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