Support Group Masterclass

RSN’s Support Group Masterclass online support group training course is coming this July! Sign up for early registration to be enrolled in the course and notified when it is live.

Do you want to make difference in the lives of others?  Learn the steps to holding a support group. One Friend Can Make a Difference. 

What is peer support?
Peer support is when people who are in similar circumstances help and encourage one another. Peer support is about sharing experiences with others with whom you have a common bond. It’s about spending time with people who truly understand what you’re going through on a day-to-day basis because they’ve gone through similar experiences.

Benefits of a peer support group
A peer support group provides hope. Healthcare professionals such as doctors and social workers can explain things such as how dialysis works, what food you can eat, or how to apply for Medicare. Yet, they haven’t walked in your shoes. They don’t know what it feels like to experience the physical and emotional aspects of a chronic illness. And most importantly, they also have not experienced the personal gratification of being able to successfully navigate life with kidney disease. You’ve had to learn skills and life hacks to survive and thrive. You’ve mastered a wealth of hard-won experience.

And that’s the gift you can give to your peers with kidney disease. Hope. You’ve done it. You’re thriving. Peers who are newly diagnosed with kidney disease can benefit from your wisdom and life journey. They need to hear your experiences and the experiences of others. That’s why you are qualified to start a peer support group! All they need is for you to show up and be yourself!

RSN’s Support Group Master Class consists of 8 training modules that will guide you toward your final destination: holding your first peer support group meeting. Each module has at least one training, taking you step by step through the preparation steps.

Use the sign up form below to enroll in the class. You will receive two follow up emails. The first will be an immediate confirmation that you have successfully enrolled in the class. The second will email will be sent once our admin has set up your information in the system and then can email you your unique link to access the class. The second email will be sent when the course is live in July 2023.

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