Capturing Dreams: Renal Teen Prom Stories of Resilience and Hope

Have you ever wondered about what the prom alumni are currently up to? The RSN Annual Renal Prom recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, marking a significant milestone in its impactful journey that has spanned over a generation. This event offers a unique and enchanting experience for people who experienced kidney disease as a youth, allowing them to connect with others who understand the challenges they face. Throughout the evening, attendees had the chance to talk and share their stories of hope, creating a heartwarming atmosphere filled with love and support. The guests danced, socialized, and formed lifelong friendships, embracing the joys of life together.

We find all the guests who attended the prom to be a profound source of inspiration. That’s why we present “Capturing Dreams.” It is a series of remarkable stories from these brave young fighters who tackle kidney issues with unwavering determination. These stories serve as a reminder of hope and ignite aspirations for a promising future.

Be sure to check back. More stories will be added!

RSN Founder and President’s story, “Prom Queen

Breck’s story, “The Princess in Scrubs”

Natalie’s story, “The Hopeful, Loving Badass”

Austin’s story, “The Patient’s Politician”

Reyna and Jasmine’s story, “Connection Heals”

Mihi’s Story, “A Swiftie Enters Her Own Era”

Trent’s story, “The Mighty Trent on Ice”

Meghna’s story, “The Gardener in Love”

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