Renal Support Network (RSN) is a nonprofit organization that provides non-medical services to those affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD). Call our Hopeline (800) 579-1970 M-F from 10-4pm (PT) to talk to a person who has lived with kidney disease. 

Lori Hartwell and Renal Support Network lost a dear friend and generous supporter, Stephen Furst. Besides being an actor and film and television director, Stephen Co-hosted RSN’s KidneyTalk podcasts with Lori, which aired its first episode in June 2006. Stephen created a special lamp for RSN’s ‘Shine a Light’ campaign dedicated to his love of cooking for others. He was by Lori’s side at many RSN events, offering his cheerfulness, his optimism, and his never-waning sense of humor.

Calling all Storytellers who have kidney disease, Share your Experience!

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This year's theme is "Describe a positive decision that you have made about your healthcare." 

First Prize: $500, Second Prize: $300, Third Prize: $100

Winning essay's will be published on RSNhope.org and in Live&Give newsletter.

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The 2017 Spring/Summer Newsletter is now here!

The Spring/Summer issue is full of inspirational stories written by people with kidney disease who share their experiences, successes and offer advice that can only come from someone who has been there. Read the PDF or online issue today.

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The Kidney Donors Journey: 100 Questions I asked before I donated my kidney.

The Kidney Donors Journey: 100 Questions I asked before I donated my kidney.  His book is a call to action that humanizes the process and aims to set into motion the type of momentum that will inspire others. Lori talks with Ari about the moment that he began his journey, the events that followed and why he decided to donate a kidney to a complete stranger.

Celebrate Spring in Colorful Style

EmbraceHOPE Jewelry: Inspiring Women Collection
Each of the handmade Inspiring Women bracelets is dedicated to an incredible woman who has made an impact in my life. Making jewelry has always been a way to help me cope with kidney disease, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to honor these women, who are as unique as the bracelets themselves. - Lori Hartwell. View the collection

Latest Posts from the RSN Blog

06/18/2017 Honoring Stephen Furst, Lori Hartwell’s dear friend and long-time Renal Support Network supporter

Besides being an actor and film and television director, Stephen Co-hosted RSN's KidneyTalk podcasts which aired its first episode in June 2006. He wrote and directed the short film, "Seymour Jones and the Temple of Chronic Kidney...>>


05/09/2017 The Resilience of the Human Spirit

I grew up believing that the blind could see. My grandfather taught me that. For instance, he could hear the ice cream truck long before I could, and he always knew who was in the room. He would walk around the neighborhood by himself for hours,...>>


04/06/2017 A Beautiful Life and Legacy

I am just incredibly touched by Raquel Gonzalez’s courageous story. I admire so much how upon the death of her beautiful, teen-age daughter Brittany, she was able to take a heartbreaking situation and turn it into an inspirational legacy....>>


03/01/2017 Overcoming the Stumbling Blocks of Kidney Disease

We've all read stories and articles where the first sentence starts out something like this: "Webster's Dictionary defines __________ as _____________." I almost started this article like that when it struck me that I was the definition of...>>


02/08/2017 The Great Meerkat Incident that Led to Love

Bill and Ginger have a beautiful love story, with a twist. They met at RSN's support group meeting for people who have kidney disease and bonded over their mutual susceptibility to wanderlust. These two day-trippers prove love and adventure go hand...>>


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