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RSN’s KidneyTalk is an online bi-weekly, half-hour radio talk show featuring RSN Founder & President Lori Hartwell. Periodically Stephen Furst, television and movie actor/producer/director and transplant recipient, is her co-host. All shows (over 200 of them!) are available 24hrs a day and can be downloaded for free any time from the iTunes store.
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Green Bay Packer's Football Player Goes the Extra Yard to Live
John Brockington was one of many men who ignored the warning signs of health issues until he ended up in Emergency. John played football at Ohio State and for the Green Bay Packers and was in top shape. He didn’t think his body could fail him. Diane Brockington stepped forward and was a match. Listen to their remarkable story, and how their journey led them to help others through the John Brockington Foundation. Listen Now

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CrowdMed: Solving Medical Mysteries
Jared Heyman knew there had to be a better way when his little sister suffered for three years with a medical condition that could not be diagnosed. After many doctor visits and thousands of dollars in medical bills, she was finally diagnosed and given proper treatment. This was Jared's motivation for CrowdMed. Medical Detectives from around the world help people with mysterious medical problems figure out a diagnosis. Listen and learn about a new way of helping to diagnose medical problems. Listen Now

Let's Take the Kidney Wait List to Zero
Josh Morrison thought for many years about the possibility of donating one of his kidneys to help someone in need. Hear the remarkable story of how Josh came to donate a kidney to a stranger, and the insight he discovered along the way. Josh founded WaitListZero, an organization that increases living donations by addressing the educational and financial barriers faced by living donors. Listen Now

Defining Patient and Family Centered Care
A patient and family centered care environment encourages participation and engagement, and these lead to better clinical outcomes. Celeste Castillo-Lee, Program Manager at the University of Michigan, has been on dialysis for many years. In this talk with Lori, Celeste discusses moving from a system-centered model of care to a patient and family centered model, allowing the patient to take control, and improving quality of life and longevity. Listen Now

Overcoming Acute Kidney Injury
Daniel Vandenbark-Woodward was healthy and never had any signs of being sick until one day he ended up in the Emergency Room with acute kidney failure (AKI) and needed dialysis immediately. AKI is different from chronic kidney failure. You can hear Daniel tell Lori his story and learn if his kidneys recovered. Listen Now

My Life, My Dialysis Choice
Choosing a dialysis treatment option can be difficult and many people do not know there are seven types of options available. Dori Schatell, the Executive Director of Medical Education Institute, has developed a website called and shares with Lori how this site will be helpful to people who need dialysis. Learn about the pros and cons of each treatment modality and pick the one that suits your lifestyle. Listen Now

5 Star Dialysis Rating System Explained
The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) require every dialysis facility to measure quality of care and the results are located at Dialysis Facility Compare. This site helps people make informed choices about their own treatment and care they receive.  CMS is adding a new feature to this website that will use a five-star rating system which will rate facilities based on a bell-curve. Lori discusses with Glenda Payne, RN how this new system works so you can be up-to-date. Listen Now

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