RSN’s KidneyTalk is an online bi-weekly, half-hour radio talk show that launched in June of 2006. This novel undertaking features RSN Founder & President Lori Hartwell. Periodically Stephen Furst, an accomplished television and movie actor/producer/director and transplant recipient is her co-host.

With Lori Hartwell’s 47 years as a renal disease survivor and Stephen Furst’s entertainment credentials, KidneyTalk provides the audience with practical advice on how to live a full and productive life despite CKD. Download free any time from the iTunes store. Click here for the Complete KidneyTalk Interview Index

Chasing Motocross; How to Care for Yourself and Your Dreams
Jedidiah Rodriguez has lived with kidney disease since he was a child and has a fascination with racing and motorcycles. He found the perfect job. As a professional mechanic for a motocross team he fulfills his passion traveling to over 200 days a year with dialysis machine in tow. You may catch a glimpse of him on AMA Super Cross Series MX Sports. He shares with Lori how he cares for himself and communicates to his coworkers about his illness. He says, "taking care of yourself is difficult at times but the more you do it the easier it gets." Listen Now

Recent Shows

Asking for Help Can Be a Gift to Others
Why is it always hard to ask for help? Is asking for help a sign of weakness? We are willing to help others, but often we find it hard to express our own needs. Toni Bernhard is the author of two books, How to Be Sick & How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness. Listen Now

Itchy, Itchy Dry Skin: What to Do?
Itchy skin is an uncomfortable, irritating and can distract you to point that all you think about is scratching. Itchy skin may be the result of many conditions when you have kidney disease. Dr. Yuval Bibi, is a dermatologist and explains what can cause itchy skin and ways you can best treat, care for and protect your birthday suit. Listen Now

Beware of Kidney Scams on the Internet
You've Got to Be Kidneying! has clarified that the claim of travelers being drugged and used as unwilling kidney donors by bands of organ thieves is a myth. Unfortunately, there are number of other scams on the internet that are becoming more widespread and Karol Franks has encountered quite a few. Karol has been looking for a kidney for her daughter Jenna since 2007 and she has seen her fair share of people trying to con. In this interview, she explains what to look out for, how to check people’s backgrounds and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim. Listen Now

Essentials of Chronic Kidney Disease
Dr. Stephen Fadem, a nephrologist in Houston, Texas, is passionate about educating people who have chronic kidney disease and the physicians who care for them.  He is a cancer survivor, and chemotherapy caused some damage to his kidney. 

In this interview, he discusses Essentials of Chronic Kidney Disease, a new book which he helped write and compile with several other physicians. He talks about how, in cooperation with your physician, you can take steps to either delay the progression of disease or, in many instances, prevent it. The earlier one addresses CKD, the better the chances of preserving kidney function. Knowledge is power, and this is a must-listen-to interview. Listen Now

Alzheimer's Disease Explained
As we age, Alzheimer's becomes more of a risk.  According to statistics, 1 in 10 people over age 65 and 47% of people over age 85 are at risk. In the year 2030, the number of those afflicted with Alzheimer's is expected to double, due to longevity.  Susan Howland, Director of Education for the Alzheimer's Association, California Southland Chapter, explains the disease process, how to recognize the symptoms, a test that's available and how to get help for you or your loved one. Listen Now

Disaster Watch – The Kidney Community is Prepared
An emergency can arise in so many ways, and if you are on dialysis you need to know what to do. Joan Thomas is the Kidney Community Emergency Response Program Director of the ESRD National Coordinating Center, and works with communities to provide dialysis if a center isn't operational. She explains what people on dialysis need to know and have on hand, and the different communication and dietary strategies that ensure optimal health and survival if a disaster strikes. Listen Now

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