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RSN’s KidneyTalk is an online bi-weekly, half-hour radio talk show featuring RSN Founder & President Lori Hartwell. Periodically Stephen Furst, television and movie actor/producer/director and transplant recipient, is her co-host. All shows (over 200 of them!) are available 24hrs a day and can be downloaded for free any time from the iTunes store.
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Essentials of Chronic Kidney Disease
Dr. Stephen Fadem, a nephrologist in Houston, Texas, is passionate about educating people who have chronic kidney disease and the physicians who care for them.  He is a cancer survivor, and chemotherapy caused some damage to his kidney. 

In this interview, he discusses Essentials of Chronic Kidney Disease, a new book which he helped write and compile with several other physicians. He talks about how, in cooperation with your physician, you can take steps to either delay the progression of disease or, in many instances, prevent it. The earlier one addresses CKD, the better the chances of preserving kidney function. Knowledge is power, and this is a must-listen-to interview. Listen Now

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Alzheimer's Disease Explained
As we age, Alzheimer's becomes more of a risk.  According to statistics, 1 in 10 people over age 65 and 47% of people over age 85 are at risk. In the year 2030, the number of those afflicted with Alzheimer's is expected to double, due to longevity.  Susan Howland, Director of Education for the Alzheimer's Association, California Southland Chapter, explains the disease process, how to recognize the symptoms, a test that's available and how to get help for you or your loved one. Listen Now

Disaster Watch – The Kidney Community is Prepared
An emergency can arise in so many ways, and if you are on dialysis you need to know what to do. Joan Thomas is the Kidney Community Emergency Response Program Director of the ESRD National Coordinating Center, and works with communities to provide dialysis if a center isn't operational. She explains what people on dialysis need to know and have on hand, and the different communication and dietary strategies that ensure optimal health and survival if a disaster strikes. Listen Now

Participating in Your Dialysis Care Plan
Every person on dialysis has a care plan. Joanna Galeas is on Peritoneal Dialysis and talks about the importance of joining with your healthcare team in creating and developing a care plan. A Dialysis Care plan is a standard that the patient, doctor, nurse, social worker and dietitian to uses to review and note progress and make any changes as your health issues change. This may sound boring, but it can mean your life, so listen to Joanna explain how she is involved in her care plan and how that empowers her to enhance her own care and wellbeing. Listen Now

Fostering & Adopting a Child: What to Consider When You Have an Illness
Vernita Royal has Polycystic Kidney Disease and many of her family members suffer from it and have a kidney transplant or are on dialysis. She tells Lori her story, what she has learned and what people need to consider if they are adopting or fostering a child with an illness. She also debunks the myth that you cannot be single and adopt. She is a former Social Worker for adoptions and is very familiar with the process, but found it was completely different being the one trying to get approved. Listen to her journey and find out if she was matched with a child. Listen Now

Don't Bug Me! Understanding Infectious Disease
Phillip Zakowski, MD is a specialist in infectious diseases and he shares with Lori several strategies to stay bug free both pre- and post-transplant. He explains the risks and warning signs of infection, types of common infections, foods to avoid, vaccines to get and how to handle pets. The information in this show can save your life. Listen Now

Not Losing Sight of Your Dreams
Ardis Bazyn is a motivational speaker, business coach and author. She lost her sight in a car accident at a young age. In this motivating interview, Ardis shares with Lori how she has overcome obstacles and has used technology, travel and coping strategies to fulfill her goals in life and live the life she wants to live. Make the impossible possible is her motto. Listen Now

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