RSN’s KidneyTalk is an online bi-weekly, half-hour radio talk show that launched in June of 2006. This novel undertaking features RSN Founder & President Lori Hartwell. Periodically Stephen Furst, an accomplished television and movie actor/producer/director and transplant recipient is her co-host.

With Lori Hartwell’s 47 years as a renal disease survivor and Stephen Furst’s entertainment credentials, KidneyTalk provides the audience with practical advice on how to live a full and productive life despite CKD. Download free any time from the iTunes store. Click here for the Complete KidneyTalk Interview Index

Support the Living Donor Protection Act
Recipients of the very special gift of a kidney are always grateful. Troy Zimmerman, VP of Government Relations, National Kidney Foundation, describes how the Living Donor Protection Act, introduced for the second time in February of 2016, will help people who donate a kidney and remove the barriers living donors are experiencing. Listen to this interview, be informed, and ask your Congressman to support House Bill HR 4616 and Senate Bill 2584. Listen Now

Recent Shows

Unwanted Habits & Feelings: Hypnosis Can Be A Solution
Mary Rubino was on dialysis for 3 years and now has a successful kidney transplant. She experienced a range of distressing emotions while dealing with her illness, and pursued a career as a certified hypnotist because hypnosis helped her overcome them. She explains what hypnosis is, and how you can overcome fears, claustrophobia, anxiety, stress, and other emotional states, and live an extraordinary life. If you want to overcome unwanted feelings or habits, don’t miss this show. Listen Now

Cured from Hepatitis C
Diana Headlee-Bell, a long-time chronic kidney disease survivor, contracted Hepatitis C in 1999. She endured numerous treatments that caused side effects without much luck until she found her Golden Ticket: a cure that worked for her. She shares with Lori her journey, the cost of her treatment, her medication regimen and the outlook doctors have for her future. Listen Now

Writing a Letter to your Transplant Donor Family
Saying thank you to the family who gave the gift of life to save others is an important part to their healing. But, often people don’t understand the process. Litsa Williams is the Director of Community Service for the Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland which is 1 of 58 Organ Procurement Organization in the United States. She describes the process and shares some stories that have happened as result of sending a letter. Learn how one needs to go about reaching out to the family who gave the gift of life. Listen Now

Potassium Problems? New Hope
If you have had kidney disease for any length of time, more than likely high potassium has been an issue. Dr. Lance Berman, Chief Medical Officer for Relypsa, talks with Lori about the company’s new drug, Veltassa, approved by the FDA to treat high potassium. Dr. Berman explains in great detail how potassium impacts our bodies, current treatment options available and what to ask your doctor if potassium is an issue for you. Listen Now

Understanding an ESCO to Improve Kidney Care
Kidney care is complex and often fragmented. A new pilot program by the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services is in play. Its name is End-Stage Renal Disease Seamless Care Organization (ESCO). Doug Johnson, MD, Medical Director for Dialysis Clinic Incorporated, along with his team Dr. Toros Kapoian, Kathy Searson, Karen Nugent, Bob Motacki, Wayne Dwyer describe how they plan to improve care coordination and be more efficient with resources. Listen Now

The Kidney Project
Dr. Shuvo Roy is an Engineer who works at the University of California San Francisco. His life mission is to create a surgically-implanted, independently operational "bio"-artificial kidney to treat kidney failure. He talks with Lori about his grand vision of designing an implantable kidney, the timeline for clinical trials, and what he has learned so far. Listen and feel the hope that one day we may have a kidney made in the lab, readily available and the size of a coffee cup! Listen Now

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