Renal Support Network (RSN) is here to empower people who have been diagnosed with kidney disease. Is that you?  We know it sucks, we have all been there. We know one thing for sure is if you become knowledgeable about your illness, proactive in your care you will soon see there is lots of hope!  Heck, some of us have lived with this illness for 50 plus years and doing great. Click here to read our Survivor Stories

Connecting with people who have already gone down this path is crucial to survivorship. We will tell you what to ask, what to expect and how to deal with lifestyle changes. You will even make a few friends if you hang out with us. We can help you manage all the uncertainties and emotions. If you would like to be part of our kidney kin community, click here to join an online support group.

We have lots of information, so take a few minutes to look around. Here are some highlights.

RSN’s Studio Hope is a one-of-a-kind shopping destination located in the popular Magnolia Park neighborhood in Burbank, California. We are currently seeking donations and invite you to join us. If you possess gently used, vintage clothing and accessories that are simply gathering dust in your closet, or if you enjoy exploring estate sales but don’t know what to do with the items you find, consider donating them to Studio Hope

Online Kidney Disease Support Groups and Social Activities You are never alone with this illness, we have a number of support group and activities online. We have all been where you are and know the myriad of emotions you are going through. One friend makes a difference! You have to do the work and show up.

Cooking For Your Kidney Health: Nutrition Information For the Kidney Diet Knowledge is power! RSN’s Nutritional Information Database is a great resource for people who have chronic kidney disease, are on dialysis, or have a kidney transplant and their families. This list is for people who like to prepare their own food from raw ingredients found at the grocery store. Here you will find the amount of sodium, potassium, phosphorus, fat, calories and more that is in just about anything you would want to stock in your pantry to make your own healthy meals.

Embracing Independence with Kidney Disease: A Candid Look Behind the Scenes During a Home Dialysis and Peritoneal Treatment featuring Rachel Cluthe and Kristin Rice. 

Kidney Transplant Dashboard When people are seeking a kidney transplant, it can be difficult to find all the information they need to navigate their illness and the transplant process. RSN’s new Tableau dashboard, “Kidney Donations Save Lives,” makes it easier for patients, families, and friends to understand the options.

The user-friendly dashboard presents data about kidney transplants, on both the national and state levels. With an interactive map, people can click on their state to see information about each transplant center. The dashboard shows how many people are active on the waiting list in your geographical area, what type of solid organ donation transplants each center performs, and the number of kidney transplants done by each hospital.

RSN’s 22nd annual essay contest is open for submissions until August 10, 2024! This year, we invite people who have kidney disease to share their personal story about how a cherished form of entertainment media aids in your journey of navigating life with kidney disease. We encourage writers to explore the question: “Which film, television series, book, or song provides you with comfort?”

Champions of Kidney Care Public Policy Education and Action Portal We don’t get in to politics here, but we do get into policy. As people who have kidney disease, we need to make every voice count. We are currently supporting several pieces of legislation. Get involved and help us be heard.

KidneyTalk® Podcasts are a great way to learn and all you have to do is tune in when you waiting for the doc, in traffic or want to find a cozy place with your cat on your lap. In a recent episode, Lori sits down with Jeffrey Silberzweig, MD to discuss the inclusion of oral phosphate lowering drugs in the dialysis payment bundle starting in January 2025.

KidneyTalk® is the only magazine dedicated to empowering and enriching the lives of people who have chronic kidney disease (CKD) and has the largest printed distribution focused on kidney disease patients, reaching an impressive 45,000 readers per issue. This publication provides people who have kidney disease with education, encouragement and strategies to help navigate this illness. Many of the articles are written by people who know firsthand what it’s like to manage this illness and succeed.

Introducing RSN’s Support Group Masterclass Do you want to make difference in the lives of others?  Learn the steps to hosting a support group. One Friend Can Make a Difference!

Online Exercise Classes for People Who Have Kidney disease Get your much needed exercise at Kidney Kin Fitness with personal trainer, Edina Tanacs and Be Fit While You Sit with personal trainers, Nicole Simpson and Karen Langevin.

Get the Scoop on Kidney Stuff with Neff & Nuff! RSN shines a light on kidney health, organ donation and the importance of taking your transplant meds in a clever animated video series featuring two animated kidney stars who educate the public about kidney care. Watch all three videos in English or in Spanish.

Share Your Spare Kidney Transplant Conversation Kit To help you spread the word about giving the gift of life, we’ll send you a “Share Your Spare” Kit, a gift to you from RSN with a donation of $50.  In your kit you’ll find two plush kidneys, two information booklets, and an inspirational poem for you to display.    

Ambient Sounds and Music for Relaxation We know kidney disease is accompanied by anxiety. From sitting in a dialysis chair for many hours, waiting for a test result or when you just feel overwhelmed. Let your mind and body relax while listing to the comforting sounds. Choose a soothing rainfall, a peaceful forest stream, rainforest birds or calming instrumentals, then close your eyes and let your stress and anxiety fade away.

KidneyTalk® Blog is authored by RSN Founder and President Lori Hartwell and special guest writers. Posts here feature personal stories and first-hand experiences of people living with chronic kidney disease, family members and healthcare professionals.

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Kidney Disease and Dialysis Recipes After reading all this you may be hungry so here are some recipes for people who are on dialysis. When you are on dialysis its important monitor phosphorus, potassium and sodium. If you are not on dialysis and want to learn how to slow the progression down and what to eat, click here to learn about preventing kidney disease or slow the progression.


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