Nurse Judy, 19th Annual Essay Contest

By Megan Delaney

Nurse Judy loves me and my mom, but we are not related to her. We did not know her until my kidney problem became serious and now we love her as if she is part of our family. I think at times she is family because she will do anything to make my life better. She wants me to get a new kidney so I can get off the machine.

My mom and I want the world to know how special Nurse Judy is! The prize for this essay would be hers not mine because I might not be here if she weren’t here for me each day.

I was born with cerebral palsy. I like to hug people. I work at McDonalds and before COVID-19 I also worked at a nursing home. I love hugging Nurse Judy and getting her hugs back even when we both wear masks.

My mom calls Nurse Judy when my machine does not work, and Nurse Judy is there for my mom and me. I love Judy! When I see my mom getting stressed out about my kidneys I tell her to call Nurse Judy. Nurse Judy will listen to mom, will care for mom, will have answers for mom, and will love mom too because Nurse Judy loves me.

When we go to the kidney center to see Nurse Judy, I see her showing love to other people with bad kidneys like mine. There is something special about Nurse Judy! I have had a lot of nurses and doctors in my life, but Nurse Judy is the very best of all of them. She is a nurse who loves, she is not just someone who has a nursing job. She hugs, she smiles, she laughs, and she listens with love.

Other nurses should work with Nurse Judy and learn to love the people they care for like she does. She will call mom when she could wait to call her, but she is special. I think she is more than a nurse; she is a total healer and comfort-giver.

Not every nurse is a friend, but Nurse Judy will be my friend for life.

Megan Delaney: I was born with cerebral palsy, which has effectively limited me throughout my lifetime but I am known for the hugs that I have shared with everyone I meet. In my life I have hugged New Jersey Governors, US Senators, and other famous people but I have also hugged homeless people and others living in poverty as part of helping with my church.

Immediately after graduation from Special Services School I began working at McDonalds and volunteering at Our Lady’s Residence, which is a nursing home in our community.  I have loved both jobs. In my work at the nursing home I have been able to share hugs and love with their residents, which made that job very special to me.

I have an awesome nephew named Dax whom I love so much plus I love my dog, Tyler, and cat, Bonnie.  I love going to social programs that the ARC of Atlantic County provides and I also like going to church.

About 3 years ago it was discovered that I need a kidney transplant and I have been on peritoneal dialysis since December 2019.  My mom makes sure that it works every single day.


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