Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Month

March is Registered Dietitian Nutritionist month. We’re excited to share their special time of recognition as Renal Dietitians mean so much to us. Renal Dietitians are Nutritionists who possess advanced educated in the dietary needs of people with chronic kidney disease, who are on dialysis or who have a kidney transplant. The kidney diet (renal diet or dialysis diet) can be one of the most challenging aspects of living with chronic kidney disease. Regular consultations with a Renal Dietitian are essential to maintaining our health, retaining kidney function and helping us control our labs. They help us know what foods are good (and bad) for us, and also help us come up with meals that are satisfying and enjoyable as well.

Here are some great articles, podcasts and Hope Week presentations by and featuring some of our favorite Renal Dietitians. Take a moment to read, listen and watch.


Meet Renal Nutritionist Lubna Akbany, RDN, CSR

Eat This, Not That, by Lubna Akbany, RDN, CSR

Nutrients to Promote Healthy Skin By Judith Beto, RD

Snacking the Right Way on Dialysis By Jessica Glosson, MS, RDN, LDN

Spicin’ Up the Renal Diet Tips & Tricks By Sara Colman Carlson, RD, CDE



Can Diet Changes Slow the Progression of Kidney Disease? With Registered dietitian Beth Shanaman​ and nutrition & fitness manager Katy Wilkens​, MS, RD

Kidney Diet: The Times are Changing with Jennifer Parker, RDN, CSR, LDN

Controlling Phosphorus in Your Diet By Gina R. Brittain, R.D., L.D.

A Personal Kidney Chef’s Weekend Meal Plan. with Judith Beto, RD

Vegetarian Strategies for Dialysis Patients with Chhaya Patel, RD


Choosing Foods to Meet Your Phosphorous Goal By Beth Morlang, RD, LDN, FNKF

Weight Loss and Kidney Transplant By Lubna Abkany, RD


Join us every month for Kidney Kin Foodies – Learn kidney diet tips and tricks from kidney transplant recipient, Renal Nutritionist Lubna Akbany, RDN, CSR. Online kidney diet support group led from the perspective of both a person who has kidney disease and a degree in nutrition. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

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