Warning: Paxlovid COVID Treatment and Transplant Recipients

Based on recently published articles, transplant recipients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 must consult their transplant team or nephrologist before taking Paxlovid. This precautionary measure is due to the possibility of severe harm resulting from the interaction between Paxlovid and commonly used immunosuppressive medications for transplant patients. These interactions can lead to dangerous elevations in drug levels, potentially causing toxicity and other severe side effects.

In order to avoid putting themselves at risk of serious harm, transplant recipients should seek guidance from their transplant team or nephrologist before considering Paxlovid as a treatment for COVID-19.

People who have kidney transplants need to be aware of potential interactions with immunosuppressive medications. If you have a kidney transplant and test positive for COVID please note the following:

  • Please contact your transplant team or nephrologist if you test positive for COVID
  • Taking Paxlovid with transplant medications could be dangerous for you
  • Contact your transplant team or nephrologist before taking Paxlovid or any therapy prescribed by another doctor to treat COVID


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