Embracing Independence with Kidney Disease

A Candid Look Behind the Scenes During a Home Dialysis Treatment  

July 17, 2023 Glendale, CA — In a video demonstration, the Renal Support Network showcases a day in the life of kidney warrior, Rachel Cluthe of Houston TX, as she does her own hemodialysis treatment at home.

Doing home hemodialysis can be described as a transformative and empowering experience. It allows individuals who have kidney failure to take control of their treatment. The video captures a real-life scenario as Rachel takes the viewer through her treatment from start to finish while also engaging in her daily routine with her husband and two daughters.

“I’ve been doing home hemodialysis for four years now. It offers a sense of freedom and independence. Instead of visiting a clinic several times a week, I have the ability to manage my dialysis treatment on my own terms. Setting up the dialysis machine, connecting the needles, and monitoring the process have become familiar routines. It’s empowering to have the knowledge and skills to handle my treatment with confidence.

Performing hemodialysis at home has significantly increased my flexibility and convenience. I can schedule my dialysis sessions around my daily activities, whether it’s spending time with family, pursuing hobbies, or maintaining my career. Home hemodialysis adapts to my lifestyle, rather than the other way around,” says Rachel.

The video is a no holds barred demonstration of the realities of doing treatment yourself.  This video is not to be used for training purposes. The video shows how while there is a high level of commitment required, home hemodialysis can offer several advantages over traditional clinic-based treatments. Dialysis at home is usually done 3-5 times per week, which allows for fewer dietary and fluid restrictions. By bringing the dialysis experience home, individuals can enjoy more freedom and independence while still receiving the necessary medical care.

Lori Hartwell, RSN’s Founder and President says, “We are thrilled to unveil this in-depth look behind the scenes in Rachel Cluthe’s home hemodialysis treatment and experience. By showing an individual who is confident and at ease performing dialysis at home, we aim to demystify the process to those who are apprehensive and open more minds to the prospect of taking control of their own care.” 

If you are interested in learning more about home hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis reach out to your healthcare team.

This video is NOT for training, the intent is to share the patient experience only. Watch the video today at https://www.rsnhope.org/home-hemodialysis-experience/


The Renal Support Network (RSN) is a nonprofit organization founded by Lori Hartwell in 1993. RSN’s hopeful and life-enriching programs help people, and their families deal with kidney disease, whether they are in the early stages of the disease, on dialysis, or have had a transplant. RSN is a tireless advocate for people who have kidney disease to have quality, choice and access to care. Hartwell’s mission is to help them cope and give them hope. Hartwell suffered kidney failure at the age of 2. She survived 50-plus surgeries and was on dialysis for 13 years (including Home Hemo, CAPD and Incenter). She is now living with her fourth kidney transplant. Hartwell founded RSN to encourage her peers to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate this illness. To this day, Hartwell continues to serve as president of RSN, the leading organization in engaging people who have kidney disease through its vast reach and prolific library of documented patient experiences. Visit www.RSNhope.org to learn more.