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RSN’s kidney disease Health Library is a resource for patients, family members and professionals.  The Health Library is easy to navigate with a collection of patient- friendly articles and renal-friendly recipes.  Several articles are available in Spanish.

This library also includes articles directed at healthcare professionals to help them better understand the patient and how to treat that particular individual. In addition, healthcare professionals can also use the collection of articles as a resource for patient education materials with an array of articles authored by patients.

“Web ID” on the web site is unique feature that takes the approach of assigning each article a reference number.  Healthcare professionals have the ability to prescribe “hopeful” information to their patients who can be given an internet link number through “Web ID” to print out the prescribed article.

Once the healthcare professional provides the patient with that number, they simply go to the RSNhope.org homepage, type in the number, and up comes the desired article.  This feature enhances navigation of the website for all users and will be valuable to patients who are either unfamiliar with medical terminology or novice computer users.

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