Working 9-5: What a way to make a living!

staying employed or returning to work - kidney talk

Are you concerned as a kidney patient about maintaining your current job? Maybe you’d like to go back to work, but believe you can’t for one reason or another. If this is you or someone you know who is living with kidney failure, this is the show for you.

This week on KidneyTalk Lori and Stephen talk with Beth Witten, who speaks, writes, and answers questions from patients and professionals about rehabilitation for the Medical Education Institute and is an expert on the topic of kidney patients staying employed or returning to work.

Hear Beth’s advice regarding job discrimination, insurance, and disability employment plus other interesting facts about working. Tune to your favorite online radio station because there’s good news waiting for you!

For more information on employment and work incentives, visit
Social security also offers a booklet titled Working with Disability: How We Can Help, social security publication number 10095.
You can also visit,, which also offers a booklet on employment.

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