Innovation in Kidney Transplant

Times have really changed since the first successful kidney transplant in 1954. Did you know that blood type is no longer as restrictive as it once was? Here are some of the exciting kidney transplant innovations that have recently taken place.

Advancements in Kidney Transplantation with Rafael Villicana, MD is a Renal Support Network Hope Week presentation. Watch and learn about new technology and therapies that are in the works or being implemented to improve the outcomes of kidney transplantation.

Dr. Stanley Jordan is a world-renowned transplant nephrologist and a pioneering kidney transplant researcher. He has received the International Society of Nephrology’s highest honor for groundbreaking work that improves the lives of kidney transplant patients while preserving the precious resource of donated organs. In this presentation, Dr. Jordan discusses emerging therapies for transplant recipients.

Genetic testing is the new frontier to identify diseases and implement strategies to prevent complications or progression of the disease. In this presentation Dr. Gauthier discusses the benefits of genetic testing and how it can be used to provide valuable information for your kidney health.

Kidney transplant recipients deal with taking anti-rejection meds for life. Talaris is developing an alternative to immunosuppression. Nancy Krieger, MD, Talaris Therapeutics Chief Medical Officer, explains how this new treatment will work and how it differs from what is currently prescribed. She also talks about how you can learn more about the clinical trials that are available.

Assessing your kidney transplant health and making sure you keep that organ as long as possible is essential. Transplant Nephrologist Dr. Philippe Gauthier and Lori Hartwell discuss the evaluation of how doctors determine kidney rejection. Innovations in monitoring are now available that can help doctors prevent rejection so you can maintain the gift of life.

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