Can You See Me Now? Waiting Room Tactics to Help Get You Noticed

By Lori Hartwell, RSN President

Waiting Room - doctors office

You rushed to get ready and fought traffic all the way to the doctor’s office. You barely made it in time for your appointment and then there you are, sitting in the waiting room an hour later, and you still haven’t seen your doctor.

This can be upsetting. Yet, it happens time and again. You’re thinking, “Hey, my time is valuable too! I wish there was something that I could do to vent my frustrations.”

Well… read on, my frustrated friend. The following tips are sure to help you fight back against the “waiting room blues.” If not, you will at least get a chuckle out of them!

After 30 Minutes
Bring a fresh pack of Hubba Bubba® bubble gum and challenge yourself to blow the biggest bubble in history. Keep trying. When the gum looses its elasticity, snap it and pop it to the beat of your favorite song.

After 45 Minutes
If no one understands your bubble gum lyrics, sing the song. Be sure to project your voice. You might even want to coordinate a sing-a-long with other patients.

After 60 Minutes
Still waiting? If you have children with you, let them practice their favorite instrument—again and again and again. If you don’t have a child, borrow someone else’s.

After 90 Minutes
It’s obviously going to be a while, so start ripping advertisements out of the outdated magazines. If you happen to have a Sharpie® marker, add some new style trends to the fashion kings and queens.

After 2 Hours
If you’ve waited so long that your stomach is starting to growl, put your free cell phone minutes to use and order Chinese food. Have it delivered to the waiting room. The aroma of the food is sure to get you some attention.

After 2½ Hours
By now, you must be feeling somewhat perturbed. Practice the feng shui techniques you’ve been hearing so much about and rearrange the furniture in the lobby. Your new environment is sure to clear your mind of negative thoughts.

Anything Past 3 Hours

All of that Chinese food, singing, and physical labor sure can be exhausting! Pull out the mini portable tent and your inflatable mattress and nap away. When you wake up, your doctor just may be ready to see you.

(Editor’s Note: The above-stated suggestions do not imply endorsement either by the author or by RSN. Please use only for the purpose of a hearty laugh!)

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