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The Chronically Happy Blog is authored by Lori Hartwell and special guest writers. Posts here feature personal stories and first-hand experiences of people living with chronic kidney disease and their families.

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amputation - dialysis - amputee
In the year twenty–thirteen I developed a disease called sepsis. It is a toxin in the blood or tissue (a rotten). The doctors had no explanation as to why this happened to me. My entire body was shutting down. I was very ill and was at death's door. I suffered renal failure, acute heart failure, pulmonary problems and more....
parents with kidney disease
I had a kidney transplant at the worst time in my life.  At age 29 my polycystic kidneys had failed.  My mother had passed away the previous year. I was separated from my husband with two children.  My daughter was spending her first summer away from me with her father, I was on the verge of being evicted from...
pets and kidney disease
It was love at first meow for Ricky and me. Ricky was a simple and slim white and gray striped tabby cat.  His fur was coarse and shed all over me when he jumped on my lap, pleading and purring for soft strokes and love. He stared me down with his piercing green eyes, assessing me and speaking unspoken volumes...
Independence Kidney Disease
Cicero once said freedom is “the power to live as one wishes.” Some people would call that anarchy, but I do think he had a point. There are many types of “independence” and “freedom”: individual, spiritual, emotional, financial and political, just to name a few.  Whatever you choose to call it, the most critical is the form that allows...
Stephen Furst friend and Renal Support Network supporter
Besides being an actor and film and television director, Stephen Co-hosted RSN's KidneyTalk podcasts which aired its first episode in June 2006. He wrote and directed the short film, "Seymour Jones and the Temple of Chronic Kidney Disease" for RSN to raise awareness about kidney disease. Stephen also created a special lamp for RSN’s ‘Shine a Light’ campaign dedicated to his love of...

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amputation - dialysis - amputee

Amazing Grace and Peace

In the year twenty–thirteen I developed a disease called sepsis. It is a toxin in the blood or tissue (a rotten). The doctors had...

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