Dialysis Trivia Quiz


1. You have two kidneys, one on each side of your abdomen. What is the second kidney for?

2. What do dialysis treatments do to help you stay healthy?

3. Why do you need dialysis treatments to remove excess fluid from your body?

4. Why should you limit your intake of sodium and salt?

5. What is EPO?

6. What do experts agree is the best vascular access for hemodialysis treatments?

7. What are the three general treatments for kidney failure?

8. What is a nephrologist?

9. Who should be the main decision-maker on your renal healthcare team?

10. What are the two leading causes of kidney failure?

11. If you are on a renal diet, you most need to limit your intake of what three things?

12. How many dialysis treatments can you miss and still maintain optimal quality of life?

13. According to the experts, what is the optimal dialysis prescription (Kt/V)?

14. What do the letters URR stand for?

15. If you are on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) at home, how many exchanges will you need to perform each day?

16. If you are on home nocturnal hemodialysis, how many treatments for how long each treatment will you need per week?

17. What do most long-term dialysis patients want most?

18. Where do kidneys used for transplants come from?

19. How long will you need to take an immuosuppressive medication once you have had a successful kidney transplant?

20. What is the best thing about your becoming a Kidney Kid?