Hope Week 2023 Exhibit Booth - Quarter Century Club

The Quarter Century Club is an Organization of Organ Transplant Recipients Whose Transplanted Organ Has Survived and Functioned for Twenty-Five Years or More.

Celebrating Transplants with 25 Years or More Survival of the Transplanted Organ

Our Mission:

To support and promote organ transplantation and organ donation

In the pursuit of this mission we will:

  • Advocate for organ and tissue donation and organ transplantation
  • Increase public awareness of the successes of organ transplantation
  • Celebrate every successful organ transplant, particularly those with 25 or more years of longevity
  • Support and inspire hope and confidence in person’s who have received or are in need of organ transplantation, by being living examples
  • Offer support, fellowship and encouragement to fellow transplant recipients
  • Offer support, gratitude and encouragement to living organ donors
  • Offer support, gratitude, and sympathy to the families of deceased organ donors
  • Work to improve the quality of life of transplant recipients
  • Offer a forum for transplant recipients to communicate their outlook on experiences related to their transplant
  • Encourage recipients to actively participate in their healthcare, thereby improving the effectiveness of the transplant process
  • Partner with individuals and transplant related organizations to:
  • Develop programs and services to meet the specific needs of our constituency
  • Promote donor awareness by demonstrating the success of transplantation

Join Us. Use the form above or email the Club President, George Franklin, at [email protected] for more information. Thank you!

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