Hope Week 2021 Exhibit Booth - U.S. Renal Care

U.S. Renal Care serves more than 23,000 patients in 300 dialysis facilities in 31 states and the Territory of Guam with a unique business model, developing and operating dialysis centers in joint venture partnerships with leading local nephrologists.

Please feel free to visit us live during exhibit hours. Exhibit Hall dates and times along with a zoom will be posted here during Hope Week (zoom link here)

Learn About the Services provided by U.S. Renal Care

At U.S. Renal Care, we’re here to provide the best dialysis experience available. Start with learning more about the treatment options available to you.

From travel planning to resources for family and caretakers, U.S. Renal Care is your support team for living with kidney disease.

It’s all about you. Your care. Your health. Our concern. The highest-quality dialysis provider available for people living with chronic and acute renal disease.

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