RSN’s Warm Hands, Hopeful Hearts project is all about engaging with the community by making a gift for someone on dialysis. Fingerless gloves, or mittens are a thoughtful, useful gift because you can get cold during a dialysis treatment.

Why do people on dialysis feel cold during treatment? Anemia is one cause and many people who have kidney disease experience a low hemoglobin In addition, during a 3-4 hour hemodialysis treatment there is about a pint of blood that is circulating in the tubing through the dialysis machine. People on dialysis often report they feel cold. The fingerless gloves will allow them to be on their smart phone or tablet and keep their hands covered.

There are patterns and tutorials below. Once you create your pair of gloves we would like you to mail them to the mail to the address below.

  • Please put your pair of gloves in a plastic bag and include an encouraging note for the recipient of the gloves. Only sign your first name with no identifying information.
  • Include the size of your gloves if you know or can guess who the gloves will fit, i.e., small female hand, large male hand, etc.
  • Please also include your email/text contact information on a separate piece of paper if you would like a response that we received your package. 

Renal Support Network
1146 N. Central Ave. #121
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