The EmbraceHOPE Collection is hand-crafted by people who have been affected by chronic kidney disease, providing them with the opportunity to express themselves creatively and share their experiences, strength, and hope with one another at the same time.

EmbraceHOPE Jewelry - Renal Support Network - Pave kidney necklace

These pieces are a unique way to honor a donor, healthcare professional or someone special. Our sparkling Kidney Pavé Pendant is set with rhinestones with elegant symmetry. Available in gold, silver or hematite. Measures about 7/8 of an inch with a 24: ball chain with ball and chain clasp. Arrives packaged in a keepsake Organza Bag with an RSN Embrace Hope Card as a token reminder that your purchase of this special gift helped benefit those with kidney disease.

EmbraceHOPE jewelry - Second Chance Collection

Everyone is always grateful to receive a second chance. When it comes to receiving the “gift of life”, a second chance has new meaning. RSN celebrates all the people who give the greatest gift by donating an organ to those in need.

EmbraceHOPE Jewelry - Renal Support Network -Gem of a friend

Each handmade bracelet is dedicated to an incredible woman who helped me prepare for my fourth kidney transplant. Making jewelry has always been a way to help me cope with kidney disease, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to honor these women, who are as unique as the bracelets themselves. – Lori Hartwell.




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