The Gift of Creativity

By: Lori Hartwell

healing through creative therapy

“Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.” — Cecil B. DeMille

healing through creative therapyI love to create things! For the last 7 years one my hobbies has been making jewelry.   When I am in the creative zone it helps eliminate pain, makes me happy and time flies.  When I am creating something, or watching someone create, it helps me relax and live in the moment.  Research has shown that when you work with your hands it helps your mental well-being and makes you happy.  I agree with this statement wholeheartedly.


healing through creative therapyThis past weekend, I decided to have a Holiday Jewelry Boutique to benefit the RSN.  It was so much fun to get feedback on what I have made and discover what people like.  The bonus was I got to catch up with friends, make new ones and raise couple thousand dollars for RSN.  Now, I have a gazillion ideas of new pieces to make based on feedback from attendees.

Sign up for Pinterest and let your imagination go wild.  Type in a word from cookies to home improvement and you will be amazed how many ideas pop up.  Creativity is a gift and we must spark the flame to boost it.

I agree with Cecil B. DeMille when he said “Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.”

Have a wonderful, creative and inspired Holiday Season.

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