Remembering Bill Peckham

The world lost one of the most active and prolific advocates for people who have kidney disease today. Bill Peckham defined surviving and thriving with CKD. He volunteered his time for many years serving as a board member for Northwest Kidney Centers. Bill was also a long-time friend of RSN’s founder and president Lori Hartwell. He contributed to quite often sharing how he managed to live a full life and thrive during his 28 years on dialysis. He was never shy about helping others. Here are Bill’s blogs posts and KidneyTalk interviews:



Living the Fullest Life Possible with Kidney Disease – Part One






Living the Fullest Life Possible with Kidney Disease – Part Two







Adventure Hunters: Dialyzing in the Grand Canyon






Traveling Around the Globe: Adventures of a Hemodialysis Patient







Sharon Pahlka wrote about her adventures traveling with Bill: Looking for Adventure: A Grand Waltz with Dialysis





Bill took part in a fun “around the world” project: Bush Baby Travels the Globe – Learning about Love, Joy, and Support While Living with Kidney Failure



Bill started a blog titled, “The Sharp End of the Needle” in 2007 which chronicled his life, traveling while on dialysis and also featured many kidney disease related posts. Here’s a video post where he is dialyzing while white water rafting on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon: Dialysis is like running a river – it’s best to have your own momentum 

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The celebration of Bill’s life will be held at Northwest Kidney Centers – Seattle Kidney Center on Sunday, February 24 at 2:00 PM. The address is 548 15th Avenue, Seattle, at the corner of Cherry and 15th.

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