Go Mayan!  Lopez vs. Lopez Premieres on NBC on  Nov 4th

Photo: NBC

Renal Support Network is excited to congratulate Mayan Lopez! Mayan and her father, actor/comedian, George Lopez will be the stars in the upcoming comedy “Lopez vs. Lopez” on NBC. Mayan and her parents have always made time in their schedules to volunteer for RSN’s annual teen prom and celebrity bingo events. George also supports kidney kids to go to camp and other philanthropic endeavors through his foundation.

Mayan was drawn to RSN because she grew up with a father who had chronic kidney disease. Her father was the recipient of a kidney that was donated by Mayan’s mother, Ann. Mayan has great empathy and understanding for people who have kidney disease. When her dad needed a kidney in 2005 her Mom said “I’ll give you one of mine.”

Mayan has a quick wit. She claims she inherited it from George. They always enjoyed watching funny movies together. She also watched her father perform on stage, which contributed to her own ambition to work as a comedian. At age 12, she told her father she wanted to go to Chicago to perform on Chicago’s Second City improv stage. In 2017, she did just that. Humorous, funny, and wise beyond her years, Mayan worked hard to come this far in her career, and she appreciates how her father and mother encouraged her in her endeavors. She will surely be a match for George as they interact as the characters in the new TV series.

They admit that they were not always in sync with each other, but they worked hard to come to the point in which they share a harmonious relationship. “Laughter healed us,” she says. They hint at how some of their past interactions are reflected in the roles they play in the new series.

We can’t wait to watch the premiere of “Lopez vs. Lopez,” and we encourage everyone to tune in to watch the show as it debuts Friday, November 4 at 8/7c on NBC. If you miss it, you can watch it the next day on Peacock.

If you want some laughs, let’s enjoy the show together.

Go Mayan!

Learn more about Lopez vs Lopez is the fall sitcom everyone will be talking about.

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