Amazing Grace and Peace

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In the year twenty–thirteen I developed a disease called sepsis. It is a toxin in the blood or tissue (a rotten). The doctors had no explanation as to why this happened to me. My entire body was shutting down. I was very ill and was at death’s door. I suffered renal failure, acute heart failure, pulmonary problems and more. The doctors told me I had to have both my hands and legs amputated.

I thought of my parents and wished that they were both here with me. My mother’s favorite song came to mind, “Amazing Grace.” I prayed for grace and peace and miraculously God gave it to me. I needed those gifts from him to endure what was ahead of me. “My father is awesome!”

I had angels encamped all around me. Every time I looked up I saw them rejoicing for my health. A few days later the doctors came in to discuss my therapy. I looked up and my angels were gone. I was at peace and ready to go on to the next phase. “Hallelujah!”

I was in the hospital for five months. I don’t have any of my left fingers, but I am blessed to be able to use my right hand with just finger tips, (more like nubs with no finger nails). My recovery was slow but very successful. I went through months of physical therapy and with prayer, determination, plus will power it happened. I learned how to write normal again! It took a lot of hard work. I then got blessed with prosthetic legs and had to learn how to walk on them….I asked the Lord for more strength and praise him I am walking straight and tall every day! Sometimes I don’t feel like putting my legs on, but I say to myself this is a new day and I ask the Lord to give me grace and strength to endure. I know that through prayer and supplication all things are possible and we can do all things through Christ who gives us another day.

A quote from Norman Vincent Peale, the author of, “The Power of Positive Thinking” says, “The divine energy flows through the personality, automatically renewing the original energy into the human mind and body.” This is a true statement because if you have the energy to get up, then your mind and body is ready to start a new day!

I was put on dialysis and go three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is a machine that cleans my blood and at the same time takes my energy. When the treatment is over I hold my head up and strut out the door with grace and peace of mind most of the time. Sometimes, my body tries to get the best of me. When these times happen I give my body an aspirin, take a renal vitamin, and eat something as soon as possible. I try hard not to let myself get in low spirit. When we focus on good things and have peaceful thoughts, we can refresh our mind and body; therefore renewing our spirit. Doing this we have the power to speak and move the mountains. The tongue is a very powerful tool, it can hurt or help. I often ask the Lord to humble my tongue so I won’t slap somebody with my words.

I often have phantom pain. It comes and goes so fast. I try to calm myself and be as graceful as possible. I don’t take pain medicine because by the time the medicine begins to work the pain is gone for a while. I speak to the pain to put my mind at peace as much as I can and it works for me. The mind controls the entire body. We are in control through the grace of God and the peace he allows us to have as often as we receive it.

My reports from dialysis are great most of the time. We have to watch things like; Albumin (protein in the blood), hemoglobin which measures the red blood cells count, calcium for bones and heart, phosphorus, and I take binders to keep it under control. Potassium has to stay in control for the heart and nerves. All these things and more are very important for good health and body strength. Done with grace and peace the end result is that I am blessed to be here!

I choose to be as positive, graceful, and as peaceful as humanly possible when all these things happened to me. What else is there? Things haven’t always been good, but I try to saturate my thoughts with prayer always, peaceful experiences, positive words and ideas which are refreshing to my spirit. It is the power within me that keeps me graceful and peaceful.

The most important thing is not to let anyone steal your joy and speak negatively to you. I am still a work in progress! I am grateful to have a caring health care team that takes care of me while I’m in this condition.

I look for forward to being delivered! I know I have the victory! Praise God for whom all healing flow! I am in good health!

About the author
This remarkable story of courage was sincerely written by Mary Henderson and beautifully typed by her daughter, Venus. We are so inspired by her determination and perseverance. Mary lives in Birmingham AL and is currently on in-center dialysis. She is doing well and hopes that by sharing her experience will help others find their inner strength.

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