Who Will Be the Next Winner of RSN’s 22nd Annual Essay Contest?

Your experience with kidney disease may qualify you for a chance to score a prize.

May 13th, 2024, GLENDALE, CA — Renal Support Network (RSN) is thrilled to unveil the theme for its 22nd annual essay contest. This year, we invite people who have kidney disease to share their personal story about how a form of entertainment media helps you in your journey of navigating life with kidney disease. We encourage writers to explore the question: “Which film, television series, book, or song provides you with comfort?”

The contest is open to all people in the United States who have been diagnosed with kidney disease, have had a kidney transplant, or are on dialysis.

RSN’s Essay Contest was originally established in 2002. Since then, thousands of essays have been submitted. The contest gives those who live with chronic kidney disease (CKD) the opportunity to tell their story.

Lori Hartwell, RSN’s founder and president, says: “Numerous TV shows, books, and music have been instrumental in helping me during challenging times. When I had my third transplant, ‘Hold on for One More Day’ by Wilson Phillips was on repeat. I look forward to reading the stories that people share.”

Essay contest winners receive cash prizes: First Place, $500; Second Place, $300; and Third Place, $100. For submissions to be accepted, they must be typed and not exceed 750 words. The submission deadline is August 10, 2024. Winners will be announced the week of September 23, 2024. Winning essays will be published on RSN’s website, RSNHope.org, and will also be featured in RSN’S publication, KidneyTalk® Magazine.

You can read 21 years of essays by previous winners on the. Prepare to be inspired! To learn more about the contest rules and how to submit your essay and download a flyer to share https://www.rsnhope.org/essay-contest.

RSN would like to thank Akebia, Fresenius Kidney Care, and U.S. Renal who support this program.



The Renal Support Network (RSN) is a nonprofit organization founded by Lori Hartwell in 1993. RSN’s hopeful and life-enriching programs help people, and their families deal with kidney disease, whether they are in the early stages of the disease, on dialysis, or have had a transplant. Hartwell’s mission is to help them cope and give them hope. Hartwell suffered kidney failure at the age of 2. She survived 50-plus surgeries and was on dialysis for 13 years. She is now living with her fourth kidney transplant. Hartwell founded RSN to encourage her peers to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate this illness. To this day, Hartwell continues to serve as president of RSN, the leading organization in engaging people who have kidney disease through its vast reach and prolific library of documented patient experiences. Visit www.RSNhope.org to learn more.