Watch Kidney Stuff with Neff & Nuff During National Kidney Month

Renal Support Network Introduces Animated Video to Raise Kidney Health Awareness

GLENDALE, Calif., March 3, 2022 – Renal Support Network (RSN) Celebrates National Kidney Month along with the debut of a clever animated video. Kidneys are the body’s stars this month, and in the video, characters Neff and Nuff talk about the causes of kidney damage and how people can keep their kidneys healthy. These two little organs do so much, from making red blood cells to controlling your blood pressure, keeping your bones strong, and helping you stay healthy.

Kidney disease is a silent illness that often goes undetected. More than 1 in 7, that is 15% of U.S. adults (or 37 million people), are estimated to have chronic kidney disease (CKD). As many as 9 in 10 adults with CKD do not know they have it.

Lori Hartwell, Founder and CEO of the Renal Support Network, says, “Living in the entertainment capital of the world provides us the opportunity to explore creative ways to educate the community. We are pleased to present this animated short, in English and Spanish, to inspire people to learn about kidney health and take the necessary actions to make sure theirs are functioning properly.”

People develop CKD when their kidneys become damaged. Over time the organs may not clean the blood as well as when they were healthy, causing toxic wastes and extra fluids to accumulate in the body. The key is to catch the decline of kidney functionality early.

Hartwell says, “Do not be afraid to be tested,” and asks you to share this message and video with your friends and family. “Together, we can help make kidney health an important household and community conversation.”

Neff and Nuff were brought to life by award-winning producer and animator Steve Moore and film composer Ian Rees who provided the music. Four talented actors/comedians crafted the voices: Jill-Michele Meleán (Neff, English), Joseph D. Reitman (Nuff, English), Sandra Valls (Neff, Spanish), and Andres Mejia (Nuff, Spanish).


RSN is a nonprofit, patient-run organization that provides nonmedical services to those affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD). RSN strives to help those who are newly diagnosed with CKD or on dialysis, as well as kidney transplant recipients, develop their personal coping skills, special talents, and employability by educating and empowering them to take control of the course and management of their disease. RSN empowers people living with kidney disease to become knowledgeable about their illness, proactive in their care, hopeful about their future, and make friendships that last a lifetime.

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Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health