Asking for a Kidney

Family members or others who are a good match may be able to donate one of their kidneys. This type of transplant is called a living donor transplant. How do you start the conversation and ask for a kidney? Here are some tips on how to approach this potentially awkward topic.

How Do You Ask For a Kidney - Kidney Talk

Living donation is becoming more common to help meet the critical need. In this podcast, Harvey Mysel describes how to approach this difficult topic that at times can seem taboo, and let people know that they are in need.

How do you go about finding a living kidney donor? Karol Franks began her journey with advocating for a kidney for her daughter in 2005 and then later her sister in 2015. She provides insight into what is involved in searching for a kidney and ways to get started.

Advocating for a Family Member

Karol Franks is an advocate for patients and living donors. Her daughter, Jenna, received her first kidney transplant in 2007. Here she shares how she succeeded in finding a living donor.

Karol Franks has become known as a living donor expert and is an administrator for Living Donors Online. Learn how her daughter, Jenna’s second transplant from a kidney swap in 2017 came about and what you can do to find a living kidney donor.

RSN’s “Share Your Spare” campaign brings awareness to the public about their kidneys and how to keep them healthy, kidney disease treatment options, deceased organ donation and about the option of living donation.

In this animated video, Neff and Nuff talk about how to “share your spare” and give the gift of life. This video is available in English and in Spanish. Click the “More Videos” to view the entire Neff & Nuff series.

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