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The spark started when I was 9-years-old. With a Hello Kitty diary. My parents had recently divorced. My first kidney transplant at age 5 was...

How RSN’s Support Groups and a Clinical Trial Led to My New Post-Kidney-Transplant Career

I received a kidney transplant in February of 2020 after being gifted two tiny kidneys by a generous family on what was likely their...

World Social Worker’s Day

World Social Worker’s Day is celebrated annually on the third Tuesday of March. This special day recognizes the dedication and caring of all social...

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day is celebrated annually on the second Wednesday of March. We're excited to share their special day as Renal Dietitians mean...

My Body’s Personal Chemist

When I was in college, my favorite subject was microbiology. Microbiology is the study of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. One of...

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