Paying for Dialysis or Transplant 

Beth Witten, LCSW is an expert in insurance issues. She shares with Lori the basics of Medicare, what is covered and how to save money on...

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Arm Your Immune Response with Routine Protection Against Disease

It’s 2020, and we’re approaching mid-December, the time of year when we’d normally be making plans for holiday gatherings and gift exchanges. But this...

Getting Evaluated for a Pre-Emptive Kidney Transplant

When my nephrologist told me that I needed to start considering the possibility of having a kidney transplant, I was in shock. I knew...

Making Positive Memories to Savor

Holidays! Full of fun, special times, and traditions—and of course, lots of chances to eat those holiday goodies! All of us have eating challenges...

It’s a good day to B Positive

What I have learned working with Hollywood is that writers strive for authenticity, not accuracy. The thing organ donation advocates need to know is that...

Meet Renal Nutritionist Lubna Akbany, RDN, CSR

“If I can do it, you can do it,” says Lubna Akbany, as she serves up a dish of confidence to those dealing with...

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