Princess for a Night

By: Lori Hartwell

Princess for a night - 2 - renal teen prom

There is no greater feeling than helping someone feel pretty and confident about themselves. In preparation for the 17th Annual Renal Teen Prom, young ladies who are battling the same illness as me got to choose the perfect dress for Prom night.

I know firsthand how hard it is to live with kidney disease when you are a teen.  I spent all my teenage years on dialysis.  I had a hard time connecting with my peers as I was dealing with serious health issues and they didn’t understand. The old saying is adversity introduces you to yourself and I was meant to do a prom for my younger peers. 

One of the mothers told me at the fitting that all her daughter could talk about was getting a dress and getting ready for the Prom.  Her daughter was recently hospitalized and was determined to get well to go. Having something to look forward to is the key to living with an illness. 

Over the weekend, my dedicated volunteers and I dressed 35 young ladies.  The energy in the room was moving as everyone was a chatter telling their story, picking out the perfect dress and celebrating life.

Who knew that 30 years ago things would turn out like this?  


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