Take Action on Current Legislation that Affects People Who Have Kidney Disease

Tell Congress to Support the Living Donor Protection Act! If passed, this bill would prohibit discrimination of living organ donors by employers, life insurance providers, disability and long-term care insurance carriers.

Take Action Chronic Kidney Disease Improvement in Research and Treatment Act of 2023 (H.R. 5027). Passing this Act would be a significant step toward improving care for people who have kidney disease.

Take Action Kidney PATIENT Act, H.R.5074. Support this bill to keep Phosphate lowering drugs out of the bundle to protect people on dialysis!

Listen to the KidneyTalk podcast about in the bundle: Changes Happening to the Dialysis Payment Bundle and How it Can Impact Care

Learn more about the dialysis bundle:
Infographic – What’s in the Dialysis Bundle?

Take Action Living Organ Donor Tax Credit Act H.R.6171 If passed, this bill would provide a tax credit to help relieve financial barriers to living kidney donation.