2020 Calendar “Creativity Cures the Soul” Monthly Inspiration for your Creative Spirit.

Treat yourself or show your appreciation with the picture-perfect gift and support RSN’s life-enriching Programs.

RSN’s beautiful 2020 calendar ‘Creativity cures the Soul’ calendar encourages creativity and self-expression. Each month offers features original artwork by RSN Founder and President Lori Hartwell and is accompanied by a inspirational quote by past Annual Essay Contest winners. (Image pages can be reused, just cut out and frame each month’s illustration as a small art print.) It is an exceptional gift to show your appreciation to family and friends.

Display this beautiful calendar at your desk or on your wall at home and co-workers or guest will be so jealous they’ll want to support RSN too! So, help us reach the people around you by donating $25, and then put your calendar where everyone will see it!

This calendar makes a great corporate gift or employee incentive/award. Bulk pricing is available.

2020 Past Essay Contest Winner Quotes:

January: “Don’t let this disease rule your life, fit it into your life and do what is necessary to lead a full life.” –Sasha Couch, 1st Place Winner, RSN’s 14th Annual Essay Contest

February: “The music that I listened to has taught me many lessons when it comes to dealing with dialysis. It helped me to deal with my kidney disease in a way that has been positive and uplifting.” –Terri Waddell, Honorable Mention, RSN’s 8th Annual Essay Contest

March: “Small steps led to achieving the greatest goals imaginable. I had taken the first steps to managing my own health and body. I was a proactive patient who could take on anything to keep my kidneys functioning at top speed!” –Mary Wu, 2nd Place Winner, RSN’s 11th Annual Essay Contest

April: “Butterfly Wings; a reminder that life goes on, that the sun still shines, and that, after the storm, there are still rainbows to be seen. That no matter how winding the road, within us is the strength and the courage to carry on.” –Luz Manso, 1st Place Winner, RSN’s 3rd Annual Essay Contest

May: “You’re special. No one can know exactly how you’re feeling or what you’re experiencing except you, and you are your own best advocate.” –Kristi Flynn, Honorable Mention, RSN’s 10th Annual Essay Contest

June: “Today will be what is important. Tomorrow does not own me anymore. The people in my life, the love I have for them and they for me, is enough now because it is what I have today that I can cherish, and today is not marginal.” –Lori Vivian, 2nd Place Winner, RSN’s 2nd Annual Essay Contest

July: “I expect each new day to be a pleasant surprise yet undiscovered. I expect to learn something new each day, and I’m rarely disappointed. I expect to laugh at least once every day, and I refuse to laugh alone.” –Keith Matthews, Honorable Mention, RSN’s 15th Annual Essay Contest

August: “I fully endorse the hobby of reclaiming our youth. Yes, I have to pause to stick myself with needles and obey a beeping machine for three hours a day, but how much more fun life is when we just let go and play!” –Kelly Chuba, Honorable Mention, RSN’s 9th Annual Essay Contest

September: “Friends can sense when we need them, and they know that just being around us can really help the healing process. Maggie was such a friend. We’ll always be special to each other. Friends–and dogs–are like that.” –Jim Dineen, 2nd Place Winner, RSN’s 4th Annual Essay Contest

October: “I began to read up on kidney disease. The more I read, the more I realized that I was going to be in for the fight of my life, a fight which –I am here to tell you– I was not going to lose.” –Demmie Raysor, 1st Place Winner, RSN’s 6th Annual Essay Contest

November: “My attitude toward life is my boomerang. When I throw it, my joy of living is shared with others, then my boomerang returns to me and my heart is filled with satisfaction knowing that I have helped others with kidney disease reclaim their life.” – Gordon LaBuhn, 1st Place Winner, RSN’s 16th Annual Essay Contest

December: “I’d like to think I’ve made tremendous progress in how I deal with adversity in my life. As long as I’m moving forward, I’m moving in the right direction.” –Sarah Tompkins, Honorable Mention, RSN’s 12th Annual Essay Contest

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