Why is my skin so dry and itchy?

People who on dialysis can have dry skin which may lead to itchy skin or make itchy skin worse. Some common causes are disruption of the nervous and central nervous system functions due to chronic inflammation and medications while on dialysis or after a transplant.

Try combining these steps to help reduce your symptoms:
• Know your skin, is it typically try, oily or normal?
• Avoid practices that make the skin dryer, like using excessive soap from head to toe while bathing and excessive scrubbing/exfoliation and using very hot water all of which can strip your skin of its natural oils.
• Pat your skin dry lightly after bathing rather than rubbing your skin dry and leave a small amount of moister on your skin and immediately apply moisturizer.
• As a last resort, if your skin is sensitive it is better to take a bath (without bubbles) rather than taking a shower. This is especially true in the winter.
• Use moisturizers that are very oily or creamy and unscented. Choose one that you like to use and would be more likely to use more often.
• Never use alcohol-based products or abrasive body scrubs.
• Apply moisturizer frequently in particular to the areas that tend to be driest like the legs and arms.
• Use a humidifier in your bedroom to introduce moisture into the room to help your skin retain moister as you sleep. If you live in a dry location, try a humidifier in other rooms during the day as well.