April Fools!

But all kidding aside, thankfully we live in a time where this life-saving treatment is available. Giving to someone in need if you can is the epitome of humanity. We ask that you consider being an organ donor and have a conversation with your family about your wishes. Learn the facts about organ donation and what you, your family and your friends can do to help.

According to a sample of the U.S. population, 90% of adults support organ donation but only 60% are actually signed up as donors.

Organ donors save lives. Learn the facts! 

• Everyday people need the gift of life. This can come in the form of a burn victim needing a skin graft, a child receiving a life changing cornea, an adult getting a lifesaving organ. A single registered organ donor can save up to eight lives and through organ and tissue donation that donor can enhance the lives of many more.

• You can help by registering to become an organ donor with your state and telling your family about your wishes.

• A living kidney donor can live a normal, healthy life with just one kidney. There are minimal side effects after a kidney donation. If a living kidney donor’s remaining kidney function declines or fails, they are placed at the top of the kidney wait list.

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