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kidney month - national kidney month
kidney month - national kidney month
kidney month - national kidney month
kidney month - national kidney month

Share these Kidney Month images on social media to raise awareness for kidney health. 

March is National Kidney Month and World Kidney Day is Thursday, March 8th. This is a special time set aside to raise awareness about kidney health and activities. RSN invites members of the kidney community, our friends and our families to join in the conversation.

Since 1993 RSN has created and continues to produce a vast collection of information about kidney disease. Feel free to share our National Kidney Month page on social media using the hashtag #KidneyMonth and be sure to tag us @RSNhope.

Watch Seymour Jones and the Temple of Chronic Kidney Disease

Do you know the warning signs of kidney disease? Watch the trials and tribulations of Seymour Jones as he tries to make the public aware of the warning signs of Chronic Kidney Disease. Produced by Renal Support Network and Directed by Stephen Furst.

Don't ignore - Symptoms of kidney disease -
Guy Churchouse shares his experiences and lessons he learned about ignoring the waring signs of kidney disease.
“People who are unrealistically positive and super optimistic see contrary evidence differently than most people. They “code,” or process, the bad news by giving it less credibility than the rosy future projections. The result is that the positive people, like me, tend to not believe bad news – even about their health.”