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"The ability to work is intimately tied to a person's sense of self-worth, and the original intent of the Medicare End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Program was to keep patients employed and productive."

-Denise Eilers, BSN, RN
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Careers From Home

There are a number of careers that allow a person to work from home, many of which can be self taught or require short term classes from local schools, colleges or online courses.

Visit this page to find ideas on careers you might be interested in.

Sales Opportunities From Home
There are many companies that offer careers in sales (Avon, Mary Kay, etc.). You can do this as a side job or even make a career out of it.

Visit this page to find an extensive list of companies you can start a sales career with.     

Ticket to Work Program
More than 180,000 Social Security beneficiaries who have chronic renal failure are eligible for free employment services through the Ticket to Work program.

Visit this page to learn more about Ticket to Work.

Job Related Resources

A Few Job Related Resources
Websites that might be of interest when looking for unconventional jobs:

10 Best (and Real) and Work-at-Home Jobs

Yahoo article about at-home jobs

Where you can sign up for almost any kind of job (task), some that don't require leaving your home.

Where you can sell (and buy) vintage or handmade goods.
Website where you can sell (and buy) new or used goods.
Website that lists job openings, among other things.