RSN Annual Renal Teen Prom 2013 "Midnight in Paris"

Enjoying Prom Night

Celebrity Guests

Jack Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D performed at the 2013 Prom and then stayed to take photos and sign autographs for the attendees. They were amazing, so much fun to watch, and as always, friendly and gracious to everyone.

  • Jack Black

Philip Palmer of ABC Eyewitness News and friend of RSN stopped by as well. Phillip is a living kidney donor, having donated a kidney to his friend Dale Davis.

Jack Black, Lori Hartwell and Phillip Palmer

Younger Celebs from Nickelodeon and Disney also made an appearance and stepped out on the dance floor this year.

From left to right: Teala Dunn ("Are We There Yet"), Audry Whitby ("So Random"), Julianna Rose ("Triggerfish-Khumba"), Zach Callison ("Peabody"), Jack Black, Jennessa Rose (Disney's "Odd Life of Timothy Green"), Temara Melek ("Pop Singer"), Noland Ammo ("Anger Management")


Dress Days at Glendale Galleria

Glendale Galleria provided us with the space to hold our 2013 Renal Teen Prom Dress Days. For two days, we hosted the young ladies who would be attending the big event. They came and tried on all the dresses they liked and had a pick from a variety of styles and sizes. After finding that perfect dress, they were then treated to makeovers by Jacklyn B. Lopez and David Chandler. And finally, they had their pick of accessories, cover ups and even shoes to complete their look. Thanks to all those generous donors and volunteers who contributed to this glamorous weekend. We got press coverage, online, in print and on television!

Astrid Garcia finds the perfect dress
Issey after her makeover with David Chandler
Our racks were full of fun finds
Jaclyn, fabulous makeup artist, has a transplant
Brenda and Jessica showing their dresses
Our volunteers made it all possible

"Midnight in Paris" was magnifique! Thank to everyone who made it possible: the Notre Dame High School staff and student volunteers, our volunteer drivers and set up crew, our beauty stylists, and photographers. This night was what it was, thanks to you.

Photos courtesy of Serena Montenegro

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RSN would like to thank the 2013 Renal Teen Prom Sponsors