Just Diagnosed

You watch as your doctor’s mouth moves, but the words coming out just don’t make sense. You feign understanding with an occasional nod, but inside you are tumbling head to heel, trying to unravel the sentence he spoke when you first sat down. “Me? I have a chronic illness?” Over the next few weeks, the shock will wear off, but a range of other difficult emotions awaits you. I’m here to tell you you can and will get beyond these feelings and live a fulfilling life. Your life is not over, it’s just begun. 
                              -excerpt from Chronically Happy

First of all, it will take time to accept and understand the idea you have a chronic illness/Chronic Kidney Disease, (CKD). Know you have treatment options, such as, dialysis, peritoneal dialysis and transplantation, to help you stay alive and enjoy your life.

After the shock wears off and the emotional aftermath subsides, become knowledgeable about your disease through social workers, doctors, material from the Internet, and support groups and don’t be afraid to ask your doctor questions if you don’t understand something.

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