2014 Essay Contest Winners

THEME: "Explain a Choice You've Made to Improve Your Health and How It Could Benefit Others.”

1st Place
"Help! I'm a Blowfish"
By Angelique Barber
Comparing herself to a Blowfish which can double in size was how Angelique saw herself after post-transplant weight gain.  She describes how she made the choice to change her eating habits and increase fitness activities in order to get back to where she wanted to feel more comfortable about herself.

2nd Place
By Arthur DeBose
Arthur came up with the acronym "D.R.I.N.K." to explain to his dietician how he was able to improve his dialysis treatment and improve his health. His choice to follow this acronym approach even got the dietician to spread the concept to others struggling to improve their health.

3rd Place
"Choose Acceptance"
By Riley Pummill
Living with kidney disease at a young age was difficult for Riley and trying to ignore it and pretending it didn't exist worked for a while.  But then Riley make the choice to accept her disease and protect her transplant by taking the very best care of herself as possible, physically as well as mentally.

Honorable Mention
"A Positive Attitude"
By Sarah Tompkins

Honorable Mention
"Temporarily Speaking"
By Sandra Kisselback