2012 Essay Contest Winners

THEME: What Small Act of Kindness by a Health Care Professional Made a Difference in Your Life?"

1st Place

"A Pair of New Shoes"
By Sandra Kisselback
It was just a small act of kindess which lit up Sandra's world by a social worker named Brenda who refused to let Sandra dance around with "old, ragged, worn and starting to rip apart at the seams" shoes.

2nd Place

"Pillow Talk"
By Elizabeth Usher
Who'd have ever thought a pillow could talk?  Well Elizabeth has one that does and thanks to a small act of kindess by one Dialyis Technician it's got a great story to tell.

3rd Place

"Fist Bump"
By Keith Matthews
It was a common celebration of manhood between Keith and his Nephrologist which made everyone equals in the romantic soap opera we call the dialysis clinic.

Honorable Mentions

"Ears to Hear" by Susan Decuir of Carrollton, TX

"Doctor Caring" by Donna Fink of Oklahoma City, OK

"My Guardian Angel" by Kristi Flynn of Grovetown, GA

"Words That Changed My Life" by Shari Gilford of Portland, OR

"Have My Cake and Eat It Too" by Katie Holland of Clinton, NC

"Crazy News" by Heather Oman of Williamsburg, VA